Thursday, September 09, 2004


No, your eyes do not deceive you. It’s a late night Thursday post! But before you get all excited, this lame ass post is in lieu of a post for Friday.

See, I have to drive Tanya to get her eyes looked at in the morning. She’s thinking about getting Lasik eye surgery. ‘Thinking about’ is an understatement. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. Seems that Tanya wants to be able to see without her glasses or contacts. Weirdo.

So, I have to give her a ride because she doesn’t want to drive with her eyes dialated. She doesn’t want to live dangerously. Chicken. Even after I told her the story about the time that I drove home with my eyes dialated and no glasses. And I’m almost legally blind without contacts.

Still chicken.

Anyway, for those of you strange enough to check this blog late at night, here’s the new TAM cartoon!

Maybe I’ll regale you with tales of the Lasik boutique. You know, they say the gift of sight is priceless. But I’ll bet they’ll still have a nice figure in mind.

Fun Fact: Driving with my eyes dialated at 20 MPH, swerving all over the road and squinting at stoplights hoping to glean some inkling of what color they were, was a very funny sight.

I wish I could’ve seen it.

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