Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Happy Dies Martis

This is going to be a lame post. Even more lame than the others. I want to get some work done. I have to get my synopses written and then work on writing a script.

Don’t get all excited. This isn’t a new script, or even a script that I’ll get much credit for. I’m just trying to help fix an existing one. The challenge here is that the film has already been shot. Should be fun. I’ve already “fixed” it once. Maybe this time I’ll do a better job?

Just a quick post to let you know that the new TAM Cartoon is up!

If you haven't done so, why not visit the archives? It should entertain you for at least 5 minutes.

Fun Fact: I know it’s been nagging at you all for a long time, so here is the origin of Tuesday (eliki.com).

Tuesday is the third day of the week. In the Roman calendar the corresponding day was dies Martis, the day of Mars, associated with Ares. Tiw's day is derived from Tyr or Tir, the god of honorable war, the wrestler and the son of Odin, or Woden, the Norse god of war and Frigga, the earth mother. His emblem is the sword, and in olden days the people paid him great homage. Tuesday was named in his honor.

The metal iron, dedicated to Mars and interpreted as his spear and shield, is an attribute of Tuesday.

It couldn’t be any clearer than that. I feel like I was practically there. That Frigga, what a character.

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