Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yes! We Have No Bananas

We have no bananas today!

That’s my not-so-clever way of saying…we have no bananas.

Or anything to post about. Besides, we passed on buying bananas the last time we went to the supermarket. But right now, I’m sort of wishing that we didn’t.

I have to get to work on a cartoon and some synopses. But I will say this. This morning there was a story on the news about the possible assassination of one of Princess Diana’s bodyguards. Allegedly, the Royal Family was trying to cover up Diana’s sexual indiscretion. As Diana devotees everywhere continue their relentless search for the truth behind her death, they seem to uncover one very interesting fact about the late Princess Di.

She seemed to be kind of…easy.

But let’s not besmirch the memory of a great lady. She will always be loved for her devotion and sensitivity toward horrifyingly legless kids. But don’t you think she could have been a little more sensitive? I mean, she knew the horrors of land mines, how they disfigure and cripple thousands of people every year.

Some might view her “leg spreading” as just showing off.

Fun Fact: Okay, listen, I swear that this was going to be my fun fact before I started making tasteless jokes about anti land mine advocates. I swear!

Almost everyday on my walk I pass this little old one-armed man, not quite patiently waiting for the hospital shuttle.

Anyway, he smells like Old Spice.

Man, now it’s even lamer.

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