Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

But I hate to say it, if he bumped his head while getting into bed, chances are that the old man wasn’t snoring. He was old after all. He was probably dead, or at the very least in a mild coma.

Kids’ nursery rhymes are a bit morbid. Morbid and a little callous. That poor old man. I wonder if he had a pocket full of posies. Maybe he was Lizzie Borden’s grandfather?

Here’s a more sensitive rhyme:

Old Lady Druse
She had the blues
She walked into the living room
And tripped on some shoes

She hit her head
She could’ve been dead
But luckily she walked away
With just a nasty bruise

That because of her age
And degenerative weakening of her blood vessels
Will probably stick around
For about a week or two

But don’t worry too much
She’ll be fine
She was more embarrassed
Than really hurt

There, wasn’t that nicer? It’s got a nice beat but can you Double Dutch to it?

Fun Fact: I love the rain, but it makes me want to eat lots of cookies. That just can’t happen.

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