Friday, October 01, 2004

Neglect and Political BS

Sorry, I’ve been busy lately. I’m back today, but I still have nothing to say. But didn’t I sell this post well with that great title!?

The first presidential debate was last night. Nothing really funny about it. I do have to say that I thought John Kerry did an excellent job. But it’s strange, no matter how much I hate the policies of George Bush, no matter how much bullying his administration has done and no matter how much I hate his terrorist campaign practices, I still found myself feeling a little sorry for the guy.

I’ve always been one to root for the underdog. Probably because I’ve spent so much of my life as the underdog. But Kerry made Bush look like more than just a short dude, he made him look like a mental midget as well.

I already knew that Bush was a little dim. It’s a given. The entire world knows it. But, before, you could hold out hope that underneath it all he was still a well educated man.

So much for hope.

It’ll be a crying shame if he’s reelected. How much does a president have to screw up before people stop confusing his down-hominess for leadership? It would be nice if we could end the Middle East Conflict with the appropriate fishing lure. But until that day comes, I don’t really care how many acres of brush he’s cleared with his own two hands.

But people do strange things. People rarely learn from the mistakes of others. Personally, I have trouble with it as well. Example: Just the other day another hiker was rescued from the Angeles National Forest. He got lost. In fact, I swear about one hiker a month gets lost and air-lifted from the Angeles National Forest.

The nice thing is that the rescuers almost always find the missing hikers. Why? Because unlike most National Forests, the Angeles National Forest is conveniently free of trees.

This guy said that the trail marking were confusing. The arrows only pointed in one direction…up the trail…not back down the trail. Evidentially, he couldn’t crack the “backwards arrow” code.

Seriously, getting lost in the Angeles National Forest is a lot like getting lost in the Staples Center parking lot. With more sagebrush. And less hookers.

But people get lost nonetheless. It’s probably too much to hope that a hiker that can get trapped in the Angeles National Forest, without having fallen off a cliff, could ever decipher GPS.

He probably voted for Bush, and possibly will again. (With my luck, he’s the California Democratic Party chair.)

I don’t want this blog to get all Democratic Party on you all and alienate some of my readers, but I feel that the president screwed up. We have a chance to make the situation better at home and overseas. I just hope that “backwards arrow” code doesn’t stymie the entire nation.

Fun Fact: It’s the first day of October! One of the best months of the entire year.

It’s also African Music Superstar Youssou NDour’s birthday! (I had to look him up)

Oh, yeah, and Jimmy Carter’s too. Julie Andrews’ as well. And the new TAM Cartoon is up! My Simpsons Calendar tells me all these things.

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