Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Avast Ye!

I’m going shopping at Old Navy. I’ve got to get into the nautical spirit. Stay the galley sail! Gib the gibbing thing! Swab the lubber! Swab, swab, swab…

Why, oh why, don’t they sell pirate clothes at Old Navy?! Not “old” enough?

Anyway, just because I’m going to get some ridiculously cheap, kick-ass navy gear, it’s no reason to shirk my duty. My duty to post the TAM Cartoon. Just because Tanya’s parents (and their souvenir dog) are in town, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t focus my energy on what’s really important. The TAM Cartoon.

So please enjoy the 100% brand spanking new TAM Cartoon.


Fun Fact: Turns out that the souvenir “rescue” dog doesn’t actually rescue people. I faked one heck of a believable heart attack…nothing. I lit the hotel room on fire…he just licked himself.

Yeah, the dog was, in reality, rescued.

What a let down. I thought I was going to meet a genuine American hero.

He didn’t even have the gold leaf “Grand Canyon State!”

He’s lucky that he’s really cute.

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