Wednesday, August 04, 2004


So it’s Robb’s birthday today. I drew him the lovely picture you see above. This morning he commented that in the 9 years we have known each other (I know, 9 YEARS, don’t talk about it, I am already freaked out enough) he has NEVER seen me draw anything.

And now everyone knows why.

Oh yeah, I should point out that this post is brought to you by The Anthropomorphic Girlfriend, aka Tanya. Robb has informed me on several occasions that I am welcome to post here, but there is just so much pressure that comes with that. I have to live up to his reader’s expectations.

“You know… well, you know…I mean…”

There, done. I’m pretty sure I captured the essence of this blog.

I’m just kidding. I think it’s a fine blog. Well worth not having a job for. Just kidding… again. Sorta…. Half kidding. Not that I am bitter. I have a job that let’s me take the day off for Robb’s birthday! So we will be heading off to Laguna Beach just as soon as he gets his 10 synopses done for today.

I don’t know what else to write…

I saw “Garden State” last weekend. (See how I’ve mastered this blog thingy?!)

Fun Fact: Robb has come a long way since college. He used to have a ’79 Honda Accord Hatchback and the only thing keeping the passenger side door closed was a sock tied from the door handle to the emergency brake.

Now Robb’s car doesn’t even have door handles.

But it does have a stereo. Bought and paid for with a loaf of Banana Bread. Thanks Jon!

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