Monday, August 23, 2004

Welcome to Monday

Yes, please step into Monday, feel free to browse, and if you find anything you want, we’ll be happy to gift wrap it for you for an almost unnoticeable papering fee.

I hope all of you had a good weekend. Mine was good. I got to see a couple of good movies, Anchorman and Fahrenheit 9/11. Both of them were good, although Anchorman seemed to be a lot funnier than Fahrenheit. But funnier isn't necessarily gooder.

*We as human beings need to do more to reach out to other human beings. I don’t know about you but I am feeling a lot of pressure from the Americans with Disabilities Act to make this blog more accessible to the world’s differently-abled. Therefore, the rest of this post will be available in closed captions for the hearing impaired.*

Fare Hight mad me feel a little dum#&. I hat bean feeling a little dumb for a wheel before that, but I can belief that I ether supported then war in tic-tacs$#. I mean I was a little weary of the presents decision, I never thought that Sad man whose name ever had nuclear meat ones, but I did think that sad man whose name was an anvil dick taters*@.

Wheel, live an loin, I guess. That was the in tire message of Michael Mores film. He never came out and a tack any of his who hers. He just simply state head that we should try to bee more vigilante in the foot hurt@#. I’m with his. I also stink that we should tic-tac and more act ivy roll in politics. After all I snot that what demon cries is all about?#$.

Present bushes is runes a marker cap! And now we beater bee uneven more vigilante, bee cause he’s trying to tic-tac a weigh hour over time!%# It’s retarded real eels! Tickle down economics are a huge leer! It’s just another weigh that rich carp operations keep the walking man submarines!$$ Present ray gun new this. The program with tickle down economics is hat hay come at the expensive American peep holes! The work hers are they ones hoot cake he brunt of hit. Ands hat money never makes heat hay back to the work hers bee cause the carp operations send all of cough pits over sees!^&

It’s much a fire trucking scam!

I jest hot hat I should rant a piddle a rout am hernias problems. May bee shoe found it a tittles help filled. Grand Am all hays beer to peach.

*Cloned Captures where bought to use by Monday; place steep in go Monday, eels free to bounce, and if they find any hinge he chants, wheel bee hippy to get trapped it for him for an immitigable peppering free.*

Sorry about the closed captions, it’s just that I’m so mad at the greedy politicians who are trying to take away our opportunity to receive overtime, that I thought that I should try and reach out to a larger audience. Mission accomplished I think!

Fun Fact: I have new blue jeans. So you can all stop asking, “Are those the same pants you wore yesterday?”

And yes, they were.

Also, I’ll get killed if I don’t mention that Tanya was the one who wanted me to write this post in closed captions. She’s become very sensitive to the plight of the handicapped. In fact, she hardly ever pushes them into traffic anymore.

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