Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Get Out of My Head

Of course I’m referring to that song for the new HP commercials. New commercials, old song. Great song. Regrettably catchy song.

It’s “Picture Book” by The Kinks. Here, next time the commercial is on, sing along!

Picture yourself when you're getting old.
You sat by the fireside, pondering all.
Picture book, pictures of your Mama, taken by your Papa,
A long time ago.
Picture book, of people with each other, to prove they loved each other,
A long time ago.

La la la la la la, La la la la la la,
Picture book, picture book.

A picture of you in your birthday suit.
You sat in the sun on a hot afternoon.
Picture book, your Mama and your Papa,
And fat old Uncle Charlie,
Out boozing with their friends.
Picture book, a holiday in August, outside a bed & breakfast.
In sunny Southend.
Picture book, when you were just a baby,
Those days when you were happy,
A long time ago.
La la la la la la, La la la la la la.
Picture book, Picture book.

To better facilitate friendlier “sing-alonginess” I’ve made the lyrics heard in the ads bold. You’re welcome. I was only going to post the lyrics that were in the commercials, but there aren’t that many lyrics in the song so today is your lucky day!

But I think the commercials should include the lyrics about fat Uncle Charlie boozin’ it up.

Speaking of songs, Rolling Stone Magazine has come out with yet another list of dumb crap. The Kinks made #34 on one of the Rolling Stone lists with “You Really Got Me” (speaking of The Kinks). Of course it’s a list of the 500 best songs ever recorded.

This latest list is just another in an ongoing series of “best songs” lists. They make lists like this every couple of years. Ironically, the list keeps changing. And not because they’re adding new songs, they just keep shuffling around the old ones. Although “Hey Ya” by Outkast made the list this time. Truly an enduring classic. That’s humanity for you, never making snap decisions based on popular taste. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” also made the list and it should have. That’s old enough to have stood the test of time. But “Hey Ya?” Yes, I know, I like the stupid song too, but I also used to really love “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Oh, who am I kidding, I still love that song. Really. It’s chipper.

But come on Rolling Stone, 500?! 500 Greatest songs of all time?! Pretty good odds for hopeful crappy songs actually. But not a very manageable list, if you ask me. That’s why it’s only number 5 on my list of all-time greatest all-time greatest lists:

#5 Rolling Stone’s 500 all-time greatest songs. (List)

#4 The Museum of Hoaxes top 100 April Fools Day hoaxes of all time. (List)

#3’s top baby names for 2003. (List)

#2 My all-time greatest needed groceries from Albertsons for last week. (Yeah, Healthy Choice Low Calorie Frozen Entrees! No Link)

#1 AFI’s 100 years – 100 movies. (List)

I would include more lists, but I don’t have all day to sit here and find lists. I also have a list…a list of things to do today! Sadly, my to-do list for today didn’t make the “All-Time Greatest All-Time Greatest Lists List.” It’s rather pathetic, much like my “All-Time Greatest All-Time Greatest Lists List” (I just like writing that).

Fun Fact: Even though the Rolling Stone list is compiled of Rock Songs that have a staple vernacular, none of the titles contain the word “baby.”

Even more ironical, neither does the list of baby names.

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