Monday, November 01, 2004

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

“Candy Binge 2004” was ill conceived.

Not that it wasn’t a lot of fun, but I spent most of yesterday not feeling very well. I’m a little better today, there are still some lingering effects, but at least I’ll get a lot of reading done.

It was a nice quiet weekend for the most part. No Halloween parties, no Trick-or-Treaters. Got quite a bit of movie-watching in, but other than that, not much happened. Actually, almost the entire weekend was spent watching movies. Tanya, Vince, Julie and I went to see “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” on Friday. It was a horrible movie. I don’t say things like that lightly, especially about “Genre” films. No one enjoys a good homage more than me, but Gwynith Paltrow made me sicker than my consumption of the lethal combination of Reeses peanut butter cups and Laffy Taffy.

I even got to see myself on the big screen this weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Century City Film Festival. Oddly enough, my short was in the “Mothers and Daughters” category. The short has nothing to do with Mothers or daughters.

But I should have expected some confusion when I learned that the “Century City Film Festival” was to be held in Hollywood.

As a wannabe filmmaker, I’m always surprised to see what actually gets into these festivals. Some of the shorts were good. Some were downright terrible. And thanks to more confusion on the part of the CCFF, we all got to watch the worst one twice!

We weren’t invited to the Awards Ceremony. Hopefully our short, “As Planned” by Adam Hodge, won something. I can tell you though; it was in no danger of ever winning best lead male actor. I was awful. I don’t say things like that lightly. No one enjoys me more than me…sicker than Reeses peanut butter cups and Laffy Taffy.

Blah, blah, blah…I’m still fuzzy from the sugar and lack of exercise. I have to go and hide the candy. I know it seems absurd that I’m going to go hide the candy from myself, but I know it’ll work; I do the same thing with my cell phone every day.

Imagine how well I’ll hide it when I’m doing it on purpose!

In conclusion, Sky Captain was horrible, neither Gwynith Paltrow or myself can act, “As Planned” was good, CCFF was confusing, Van Helsing and Jersey Girl weren’t near as bad as everyone said they were, Laffy Taffy and RPBCs don’t mix well, I make a mean artichoke spinach dip, candy binges and Monday morning blog posts are both bad ideas and I’ve got some reading to do.

Fun Fact There is a certain big movie studio (who shall remain nameless) that did something nice for its employees on Friday. They were kind enough to reward their people for their “best year ever” with a generous gift of a (nice) DVD player and DVDs of every film they made in the past year.

It’s a great thing even if we did end up with copies of Garfield, The Day After Tomorrow and Phone Booth. Plus now evidentially we have to buy another TV. Where were you 3 months ago!

Sorry, I’m gift horse mouth looking, thank you for doubling our DVD collection.

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