Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Now What?

Georgie’s campaign of terror has succeeded; it looks like we’re in for 4 more years of bullying, secrets and lies.


But I’m not all that clear on a couple of things, are we in the middle of a war? Should we change horses mid-stream?

Shut up already, you freaking morons!

What a bunch of asses. I can’t tell if I’m disappointed because I can’t monetarily afford to have a president like Bush or if I’m worried about having my civil rights locked in some church basement next to the bingo regalia.

Maybe I’m really sad because half of this country either fell for the oldest trick in the book or are blatant opportunists. On the news just now, they said that more married women voted for Bush as well as people who felt “morality” was the big issue. How was Senator Kerry immoral?

Why don’t people tell it like it is? Just be honest, tell us that when you say “morality” what you’re really talking about is forcing your “morality” on other people. Even the media avoids that. Why? Be honest. We need more of that in this country. I remember when we used to demand it. But then came 9/11 and the truth became something that could only “arm the terrorists.” We’re afraid to ask. We’ll seem unpatriotic. We’re afraid to criticize. We’ll seem unpatriotic. We’re afraid to question the candidates about their true motives. We’ll seem unpatriotic.


But now we’re in it. And Bush himself said that the first 4 years were basically just a warm-up. Fantastic. I can’t wait to see all the good things he does.

Goodbye Roe v Wade, See ya’ civil liberties (hello stronger “Patriot Act!”), We’ll miss you Social Security, don’t forget to write health care (I feel like I never even knew you), have a good trip middle class tax relief, buh-bye jobs (have a good time over there, wherever you are), keep it real education, stay cool international respect…

But it’s not all tearful goodbyes. Say hello to bigger corporate power, welcome prayer in school (at least in run down falling apart schools with inadequate resources) and constitutionally dictated “morality” – you look bigger in person international fear.

And all of us middle class people will enjoy the slow slip into poverty. I loved slides when I was a kid (back when they were made out of metal instead of that plastic that builds a static charge big enough to power an aircraft carrier). I don’t know about you, but three classes always seemed a bit much to me anyway. Rich and poor, that’s all we need. Lords and peasants. It’s romantic!

Obviously, I’m very upset about this. Some people treat it like a game. Us against them. “Ha ha ha funny, we win, you liberal hippies...” It’s not funny. This could potentially be devastating. I may be exaggerating because I’m still mad, but I’ve predicted that another Dark Ages was on the way. I just didn’t expect it this soon. Every little while or so we have a dark ages. People get sick of the way the world is getting so they turn to God. But then God starts getting way too repressive so they turn back to humanity. But then idiots start waving their genitals around too much and it’s right back to God again. Then the cycle continues.

We’re obviously at the God part. That (and a great dose of terror) is the only reason that Bush is back in the White House. What the hell did Kerry have to do to win? Pull Bush from a burning building? Even then, the churchies would point out how righteous Bush was for letting Kerry rescue him.

How badly does Bush have to screw up before people stop buying his bullshit? What does he have to do, slaughter babies on national TV or something…oh, wait…did it (by proxy).

I don’t understand Christians and Republicans. I guess if I did, I might be one. I’m not. Thank God.

Looks like guns, God and greed won out this time. I don’t believe that there was too much scandal in the voting process this year. I’m mortified, but I think all those Americans actually voted for Bush.

I also think that soon, they’ll be sorry they did.

Fun Fact: There are only 1,460 days left of this pathetic administration. Let’s just hope we’re not all broke by then.

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