Monday, June 21, 2004

History and Mystery

It’s going to be a slow posting day today. Sorry about that, but I have to do this from the house that Tanya and I are house-sitting. So far that house has been relatively well behaved. If I could just get it to go to bed at a reasonable hour…

As you’ve probably already heard, the first privately funded spacecraft made it’s way into space today. It’s a pretty big deal. Commercial space flight doesn’t seem so far off does it?

I’m not going to make any predictions. 50 years from now, I don’t want to hear the disenfranchised twenty-somethings of Gen-C (it started back again from “A”) bitching about broken promises.

“Where’s my ticket into space?! They said I could go to space! I want my ticket NOW!”

It’s not enough that they’ve got the robot-maids that we were all promised?! They want apartments on the moon too?!

Spoiled Generation-C. Bunch of nogoodnicks if you ask me. Shiftless layabouts! I hate their incessant whining. In my day you had to drive cars with your feet AND your hands!

Getting off the subject…

So, this new ship, paid for in a genius financial move by Microsoft founder Paul Allen, is called SpaceShipOne. I don’t know, it looks like they needed the entire $40 million. But, if they asked nicely, I’ll bet they could have gotten the extra cash to put spaces between the separate words in the ships name?

Maybe it’s pronounced Spaceshipone? That’s the way I always read it.

Maybe they’re going for the whole “horseracing” theme. I suppose we should all be happy that they didn’t call it Grandmasunderpants or something.

Anyway, the ship is cool. Start saving up for your tickets to the moon! (That’s not a promise, it’s just the only way that I can see to get to your kick-ass moon apartment.)

I have to go now, I’ve got to draw two cartoons today. We’re house-sitting all week, and my dad is coming, and I still have to write 40 movie synopses for “that big online movie rental company.”

Besides, this place has cable. Nothing ruins my productivity like episodes of Trading Spaces, Clean Sweep, While you Were Out, Surprise by Design, Myth Busters, American Chopper, History’s Mysteries...

Fun Fact: How can we expect the public schools to turn out intelligent members of society if they’re completely underfunded?

More importantly, how can we expect kids to get smart if they’ve got stupid parents?

They were doing this story on the news today about the gross under-funding of the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District for those of you who don’t know – bloody Australians). Some principals are asking parents to donate money to the schools so that cleaning supplies can be purchased. The minimum that they’re asking for is $50.

Keep in mind that there is nothing obligating any parents to donate anything. I’m sure that the threat of a mono outbreak is incentive…but they’re not being forced to give money.

So, they interview this guy, he says that he got tired of the public school district asking him to “open his wallet” all the time. “Public schools should be free…” and all that.

So what does the genius do?

He puts his kid in private school.

The reporter asks, “but the private school costs money, right?” Einstein replies, “Yeah, but there – you expect it!”

Sometimes, I hate this town.

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