Monday, June 28, 2004

Slow News Day

Isn’t it always? I mean, the U.S. handed “power” back to the Iraqis, but other than that…There’s really no cool news.

Brittany Spears is engaged. Her pimp mother is upset about it…

Tanya and I got new cell phones…

I got a new preamp for recording…

I will start work on the new Christmas album soon…(October or something)

Other than that, nothing. But I have to run because I’m working on some music for a new short and I have to get all my other stuff done quickly. It’s for a fledgling television network, and once finished, will be the network’s first original content. Yeah, me.

Actually, don’t break my back with congrats (I know you want to), if it weren’t for Kevin Sage, I wouldn’t be let within ten miles of this gig. In fact, go visit his site! (While you’re there, check out “The Match” trailer!)

I’ll let you know where you can find the new project later. I don’t want the network execs coming to this site and saying, “This guy’s doing our music?! Explain to me again why we couldn’t get Danny Elfman?”

Fun Fact: I was watching the KTLA morning show today and they ran a story about how cell phones may lower sperm count by 30%!

It’s only a preliminary study. It’s just today’s dose of terror. Forget about it.

But, it’s a good thing that I want children about as much as I want our kitchen termites to return, because between my smoking, my super-radioactive phone, and my unnaturally tight underwear, my sperm count is so low I'm shootin' IOUs.

Gross, sorry.

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