Friday, June 11, 2004

Prepare for Takeoff!

That’s right, we’re leaving…on a jet plane. Luckily, we do know when we’ll be back again. Wednesday.

Do not fret. Don’t despair! There will still be a new TAM cartoon posted on Tuesday! I’m so on top of things it makes me want to scratch until it hurts.

I will also try to post while I’m away. Who knows? Mostly I’ll be attending my sister’s wedding and undoing the progress I’ve made at the gym. But maybe I’ll get in a couple posts. I could keep a running tally of how many times Tanya and I will be asked “so when are you two getting married?”

I’ll just guess now and say – 2000. It’s a nice round number.

Fun Fact: Watching Regan’s funeral, I realize that it’s the kind of funeral that I want. No boombox sitting in the corner blasting out “I Believe I Can Fly.” No cheesy second cousin singing a bad karaoke version of “Love Lift Us up Where We Belong.” And I doubt that anyone showed up drunk mumbling about how “Ron never really liked tulips! You see that?! On the casket?! Tulips!”

And if I don’t have, at least, one President or former President speaking my eulogy, I’m gonna’ be real pissed! I’ll haunt you all! I mean it. And not in the nice Casper way. I’ll go Poltergeist on all y’all!

Oh, and the new TAM cartoon is up and running for the exit.

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