Monday, March 15, 2004

Is This Love That I’m Feelin’?

Here’s me wearing my candy necklace. A candy necklace called “love beads.”

My face has been cut off to protect my identity. That, and to make my neck look long and luxurious.

The name “love beads” for a children’s candy is creepy, sure, but what’s creepier is that it was given to me by “Johnny.” He had a whole bunch of them in his car one day. He told me why, but I can’t remember.

Refresh my memory, Johnny; why were you driving around LA giving “love beads” to other dudes?

I felt special but then he gave one to Tanya too. He’s so indiscriminate.

I’ve protected her chin’s identity.

But thank you, Johnny. Thank you for feeling confident enough to give a brother some “love beads.”

Fun Fact: All that’s left of the “love beads” is a thin elastic string, some dried slobber, and traces of FD&C Yellow #5 and #6.

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