Friday, March 05, 2004

“Listens in Class and Works Well With Others…”

That is a direct quote from my 2nd grade report card. The ellipses are where I cut out the “talks too much” part.

First let me take a moment to point out the obvious; the new TAM cartoon is up and running! Yeah for you!

Next, I seem to start a lot of these posts by talking about what I was going to talk about. Why should today be any different?

I was going to write about the ABC story last night on “plural marriages.” But now…I’m not.

I will say, however, that Mr. “bigamist anonymous successful business man” from the show was a complete ass.

On a friendlier note:

I took a walk this morning, like I do every morning, But today I brought along the digital camera that Tanya and I recently inherited from her parents (if her parents ask you, we are still looking for a repair shop for that camera…got it?).

Now, most of the people who are walking around the neighborhood, with no particular destination, at that time of the morning, are…a little…older than me. Sure, I’ve always liked to think that I was ahead of my time, but I never thought that I was 50 years ahead of my time!

Here’s my big news from the walk. I made a friend! Well, an L.A. friend (that means that we exchanged pleasantries).

Here he is: (I’ve protected his identity)

The Old Guy: (very chipper) Hey, how are you this mornin’?

TAM: I’m doing very well, thank you. And you?

TOG: Can’t complain, can’t complain.

Really? If I were permanently hunched over, had to use a cane to walk, and had that nasty looking gauzy medical eye patch, there would be no living with me. Then again, I’m a big ol’ puss.

You sir, are an inspiration.

His little dogs were friendly too. One black and one white. I don’t know their names but I would like to think that they’re “Yin” and “Yang.”

Fun Fact: If you took every person on the planet and had them stand in one huge line that wrapped around the world, a lot of them would drown. And then wouldn’t you feel bad.

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